Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bad Migraine Night

i hade the worst migraine i have ever hade last nght i get migraines alot but nothing seems to
help to get rid if them last night was the firt time i have ever thrown up from a migraine
i got sick so many times last night then phoned my sister came to get me we went to the hospital
till 1 am i was so sick and my head hurt so very bad tylonol dosent seem to help nothing seems to help but they gave me a iv in my hand and i fell asleep and it so helped.today i slept half the day tho i woke feeling wobbly and grogy but now i am up and getting the day started lol


*Star* said...

Ugh Amy!! MIGRAINES... :(

Take care please, I hope you feel better soon.



*Star* said...

How do you put the *reactions* thingy here ? ;) can I do it too? :)

Amysplash said...

thank you so much star i am much better today thanks for careing