Sunday, November 16, 2008

God Speaks

God speaks to us all he say’s
See the children playing and laughing in the field see the smiles on there faces.feel how it makes you smile in your heart.
Feel the grass in your toes feel how cool and moist it feels.
See the bird flying in the air as it spreads its wings ever so gentely.
Smell the flowers they smell so sweet see the colours
Feel the gentle breeze of the wind as it blows threw your hair.
Smell the rain as it falls slowly to the ground.
See the rainbow high up in the sky see what i painted just for you feel it wraping its light its beautiful colours around you feel how safe it makes you feel.
I speak to you everyday threw the things you see around just have to open your eyes and see the beauty and hear the wind Listen for me.
Iam Here
I Will speak to you.

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