Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today Iam Thankful For

My Sister she is 18 and a tomboy lol and i adore her she is my angel and means the world to me she has the most beautiful smile i have ever seen in my whole life it lights up the room.we dident have a good mom or a mom that was ever home but she had me i was always there for her and took her everwhere so today i am thankful for her.


mile191 said...

thsts good. I am happy for you both to have each other. and that you cared for each other. thanks for sharing.

mile191 said...

i think sometimes it is the hardest to be kind to ourselves. thanks for your comment on my story. i still struggle with why i couldn't be loved as a child. and i dearly loved and protected my little sister. but my big sister was not close to me. i felt alone. now, no matter how much other try to love me i don't seem to buy into it. i am figuring out that i have to learn to like me. hope you come back. i will check on you.