Sunday, November 23, 2008


The energy of I AM is inherent within each one of us. It is the source of all life and light. It is the energy we share with God. What we are doing is no less important than what Christ did.
When you use the phrase "I AM" you create! "I AM" -- IS -- the creative energy of the universe. There is no higher energy in the universe than I AM.
The greatest choice of all is "I AM unconditionally loving me!" "I AM Love!" Because everything comes from love. Everything! Love IS Oneness.
I AM choosing to hear the Song of Shekinah. I AM choosing to sing in harmony with her song. I AM choosing to be ready when Her voice rips through the fabric of all life. Do we not choose to be chosen?
When you are doing your creations, whether it be sculpture, painting, writing or creating yourself, you can say, "I Am...(what ever you are creating).......And in the name of I AM, I accept the success of it."

(Author Unknown)


mile191 said...

I AM HEALING. I AM liking the new me. Thanks Amy.

steveroni said...

Well, I notice TWO of my friends on your "People Who Follow This blog"; mile191 (Hope?) and that is my "magic number" (2)

And besides I DO, DO, DO like your art, Amy Splash, and I'm signing on.

Also. I want to support (with my feeble-mindedness) people like me, who have so many--I hate this word--ISSUES. (I'm one of "those people" BTW).

No I don't cut myself, except accidentally. I WAS (almost) molested many times as a kid, by farm workers. (This is the FIRST TIME EVER I've expressed that to anyone, ya hear?).

And I don't get drunk any more. That's an accident also, some people call it a miracle.

It was certainly accidental, the way I found myself sitting in a meeting room of Alcoholics Anonymous, and asking for help, shaking, sweating, regurgitating. And after 25 years of solid chaos and drunkeness, I've not had a drink since--34 years ago last March 18. 34 years of healing! Yep!

That's MY accident; AA, a gift from God. What a miracle! If God could do that for me, He has the Power to help any ONE of us. He has the Power to bring us out of the depths of our own mental "chaos".

Listen to me, because there is a solution here somewhere in what I've written. I cannot give it to anyone, but I can tell you what happened to me. That's all!

And I have love in my heart for everyone who is trying to find their way in this world, paving their road with struggle, onward and upward.

Thank you Amy, for your honesty, you are helping me--and others.
And yes, the art.......THANKS!